Is There a Website for Beautiful, Royalty-free Stock Illustrations?

Sometimes, it can be challenging to create just the right illustration for a design project. It may be a result of a lack of resources or restrictions in time. Fortunately, there is another option – stock art.

Many stock agencies allow you to buy and download stock graphics, including vectors and user interface elements, to spice up your blogs, social media posts, and marketing materials. They boast a vast collection that matches your design style. However, with a plethora of stock illustration sites out there, you may find yourself lost in a spectrum of complex and artistic styles.

One of the best stock illustration websites that help creators who don’t draw but want to add beautiful, royalty-free illustrations to their projects is Stock Photo Secrets. SPS has an extensive collection of graphics in various styles. They feature essential design elements, vector backgrounds, and high-quality creative artworks in a fully-editable EPS format. (Read more).

When selecting stock illustrations, look for graphics that match your design style. Stock Photo Secrets does not only offer beautiful stock art. Their collection also boasts:

  • Quality
    The vector graphics available in the stock agency are of high-quality. You may use them as they are or modify them to meet your creative needs. Yes, SPS illustrations can be adjusted for commercial use without loss of quality, thanks to the royalty-free license that comes with them.
  • Style
    Whether you are looking for thick or thin lines, classic or funky design, Stock Photo Secrets has a great selection of stock graphics that match the tone of your project. They also feature retro vectors, futuristic stock art, and geometric designs. Furthermore, they offer floral backgrounds, big words, and more visual content for infographics, greeting cards, wedding invitations, and many more.
  • Depth
    SPS illustrations do not look like drawings. They have real-life qualities in them, which make them unique and beautiful. They also make your designs more exciting, draw your viewers into your work, and engage them. Ultimately, they make your target market feel more a part of your project.
  • Detail
    The stock illustrations from Stock Photo Secrets are not just simple sketches. They feature a pleasant shading, scale, and smoothness that makes them stand out against the flatter stock images.
  • Alternative Usage
    The best thing about vector illustrations is that’s you can break them apart and use the pieces in various ways. You can incorporate them into your blogs, social media posts, and marketing materials as they are presented or tailor them to your specific creative needs. Either way, they help you get the bang for your buck.

Currently, Stock Photo Secrets has over 2 million vector illustrations in their library. You can buy and download them with image packs or subscriptions. You can also get an Extended License image pack for additional usage rights. For significant image needs, it is best to subscribe to any of the annual plans.

SPS subscriptions give you total access to their collection of imagery, vectors, and fonts and allow you to download them at any size. They all come with a commercial royalty-free license for web, print, and social media. They also enable rollovers of unused downloads to the next month. Moreover, there are no extra hidden fees to download high-resolution files.